Guitar makers
since 1945

Guitar makers since 1945

Camps Guitars was founded in 1945 with the aim of making an instrument adapted to the specific needs of every musician. His founder Juan Camps decided to enrol in guitar manufacturing because of his enthusiasm for music, especially guitars, and wood craftsmanship. Nowadays, his sons Jordi and Javier Camps, who at a very early age already showed great interest for the handcrafted trade working and learning from their father at the firm, manage the firm. Over more than 70 years of experience guarantee our commitment for the craftsmanship and quality of their products. In order to keep the quality and craftsmanship standards, all our products are produced in our workshop located in Girona (Spain) and according to traditional methods used for centuries by important Spanish luthiers like Antonio Torres.

Quality and Artisanship

The construction of Spanish guitars requires an intensive labour of craftsmen selecting and sawing woods, assembling, polishing and finishing, which can only be carried out by high qualified staff and under a rigorous quality control overall the whole process. Therefore, our luthiers check and supervised the quality on each step of the process. Furthermore, all our professional workers have a solid experience in the craft of constructing guitars, and the firm promotes their training.

Innovation and High Technology

Despite de traditional nature of the firm, our organizational culture is characterized for continuous innovations on the development of our products, which we believe it’s necessary in order to offer the best quality and sound richness. As a result of this innovative spirit we have been implementing modern elements, such us a truss rod placed inside of the neck, an exclusive amplification system that uses six independent saddles on the bridge, midi, varnishes and new technological advanced adhesives.
Our workshop is equipped with modern technology for the drying and treating of woods, for the control of humidity in the atmosphere, precision calibrating, measuring and computer controlled mechanisation. Combining tradition and new technologies enables an instrument that fulfills the most significant aspects of an artistic expression tool and work such as reliability, precision handling, durability and wonderful acoustic.

Clients' Orientation and Custumization

We design all our models with customer’s wishes and needs in mind. The different models are in accordance with whom they are addressed to: Flamenco, Classical, Study or Concert. Also, we offer cut-away and electroacoustic models, or customised guitars according to customer's personal specifications. Therefore, every musician can find a guitar that fulfils his requirements.