Guitar makers
since 1945

Neck Regulation

The incorporation of an adjustable truss rod placed inside of the neck allows regulation and control of the straightness of the fingerboard. It may bend due to the pressure of the strings and humidity and temperature changes.

Easy Action

Playability is the first priority of Camps Guitars. As a result of the incorporation of a bi-directional truss rod, the neck could be more narrow and with the finest ergonomics. This feature and an accurate adjustment of the action depending on the needs of every single costumer (student, classic player, flamenco player, electroacustics, …), altogether enable an excellent playability.

Ergonomic Section

Neck design is decisive for the comfort of the guitar: it influences playability, it diminishes tiredness and reduces risk of lesions. Camps Guitar is aware of the extremely importance of this, therefore we have been studying and spending resources on the neck design.

The neck of Camps guitars has an ideal ergonomic section and it allows a great playability in many musical styles. Apart from having such a nice touch, the hand plays effortlessly and can slide smoothly along the neck. The first impression when you hold these guitars is very pleasant which it is confirm over time.

Six contacts

Exclusive amplification system which uses six independent saddles on the bridge. This allows that each string could transmit individually its own signal to the pick-up. As a result, we obtained a perfect balance of every string.